Join us in supporting our 2024 Legislative Agenda. These bills were chosen with consideration of the ACL Spokane’s priorities and our coalition and partner work. This list is not exhaustive, but is where we feel our efforts can best support positive impacts in our community. 


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Saved to Drive


This would close a major loophole in our tax code by having our state’s 100 or so billionaires pay more of their share so that everyone in Washington can thrive. The state wealth tax would collect a 1% property tax from multi-millionaires and billionaires by taxing wealth held in stocks, bonds, and other financial intangible property above $250M that currently remains untaxed by Washington’s revenue system. Only the wealthiest in our state—fewer than 0.01% of Washingtonians—would ever pay.

Download the Wealth Tax one-pager here.

This bill would ensure every worker in Washington state was eligible for unemployment insurance regardless of immigration status.

Improving housing stability for tenants subject to the residential landlord-tenant act and the manufactured/mobile home landlord-tenant act by limiting rent and fee increases, requiring notice of rent and fee increases, limiting fees and deposits, establishing a landlord resource center and associated services, authorizing tenant lease termination, creating parity between lease types, and providing for attorney general enforcement.


This bill helps law enforcement officers focus on traffic stops related to road safety issues such as impaired/distracted driving and reckless driving, and help drivers fix their vehicles to address low-level violations using City, County, tribal, and nonprofit grant pilot money (repair vouchers, tail light installation workshops, helmet vouchers, fee waivers for expired tabs, etc.).

Police should not be investigating police misconduct. When police officers engage in criminal misconduct—including and especially the deadly use of force—there should be an independent mechanism that investigates and holds law enforcement accountable.

  • HB 1445 Attorney General Investigation/Reform

An act relating to strengthening and clarifying the authority of the attorney general to address law enforcement and local corrections agency misconduct through investigations and legal actions.


  • HB 2058 Universal Free School Lunch

Expands on last year’s Free School Meals bill (HB 1238) to extend access to ALL students. HB 1238 provides free meals at schools where over 40% of children are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. This year, HB 2058 was proposed to bring free school meals to every Washington student regardless of income.

Expand the age range so that all filers 18 and older can access the credit, ensuring that young adult workers and working seniors are fully included.


This legislation helps ensure mergers do not result in loss of care – gender affirming, reproductive, end of life. The Keep Our Care Act would ensure health entity mergers, acquisitions, and contracting affiliations increase rather than reduce access to vital health services.

Improve access to affordable health care coverage and services for all Washington residents, regardless of immigration status. This includes individuals who are uninsured and underinsured due to immigration status restrictions. The campaign is calling on the Washington State Legislature to ensure the proper implementation of the Medicaid-like program providing no-cost healthcare to undocumented Washingtonians.


Require the Department of Ecology to deny new permit applications that add cumulative pollution effects and work with applicants seeking permit renewals that add cumulative pollution effects, with the goal to reduce pollution over time.

The Legislation is made up of the priorities of partners and coalitions such as: