April Dickinson (she/her)

Operations Director

Email: adickinson@aclspokane.org

Cell: 509-990-8530

Reach out to me about: General questions, hiring, internal operations, accounting, billing.

Tia Moua (she/her)

Community Engagement Organizer

Email: tmoua@aclspokane.org

Cell: 509-990-4384

Reach out to me about: Community events, partnership opportunities, civic engagement, tabling opportunities

Margaret Albaugh (she/her)

Mental Health Program Manager

Email: malbaugh@aclspokane.org

Cell: 509-990-4938

Reach out to me about: Boba Buddies, Boba Breaks, College Connect program, Mental Health resources, “But, Marge” series, Mental Health stories.

Frances Grace Mortel (she/her)

Cultural and Digital Organizer

Email: fmortel@aclspokane.org

Cell: 509-990-6164

Reach out to me about: Arts & Culture events, Asian American Heritage Month, social media, graphic design

Urvashi Lalwani (she/her)

Communications Strategist

Email: ulalwani@aclspokane.org

Cell: 509-990-2039

Reach out to me about: Website, Media, E-newsletters