Hello and welcome to ACLS Book Club! 

We are excited to have you here. We hope to discover more about ourselves and find connection, joy, catharsis, and humor in the books we engage in together. We know everyone is busy and hope that one month per book is enough time to spend on each book – we can adjust as needed. 
Below you will find a link to the Book Club forum (we are using bookclubs.com to host our virtual platform) where there will be prompts for each book to help us process along the way. We will do our best to announce the next book with enough time for people to get access to the book but if you are having trouble getting a copy, we will do our best to have one available in our “library”. 

Summer Book Pick

Book Club cover permission to come home by Jennie Wang
Permission to Come Home is written by
therapist Dr. Jennie Wang and is a resource
for Asians and Asian Americans on how
to develop their mental health while
honoring their culture and past. She
analyzes Asian and immigrant identities
to help understand how these identities
affect mental health.
We will consider the themes Dr. Wang discusses and how they impact our own lives.
Lesser Known Monsters of the 21st Century by Kim Fu is also part of the Spokane is Reading itinerary. The book is a collection of twelve short stories that blend science fiction and fantasy into otherworldly stories. It was listed as a TIME top 10 fiction book for 2022. 
Kim Fu will be making two appearances in Spokane, one at the Central Library October 26, 2023 at 7pm.

Coming soon. Have a recommendation? Email it to malbaugh@aclspokane.org.